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Assembly is the last critical stage in the creation of your product. Multi-Media provides a wide range of professional assembly services: from a two-item pack-out, cosmetic kit, vitamin packet or a retail POP display to a complicated 50 component build.

Multi-Media assembly procedures assure that the earlier steps of production come together to create the perfect end product. Our highly trained production team follows strict quality guidelines when handling each of the components that make up your product.

  1. Each project begins with written assembly instructions and a detailed bill of materials.
  2. Pre-production samples or mock-ups are created from these instructions and presented to the client for approval.
  3. Individual components are scanned on line for damage or imperfections so only quality components end up in your finished product.
  4. Floor supervisors continually review completed kits off the end of the line for assembly accuracy and overall quality control.
  5. Finished kits are tagged, palletized and stored for accurate inventory control.


Warehousing & Fulfillment

Are you selling your products online and/or at events? Multi-Media can help by warehousing your inventory, receiving your customer orders directly from your shopping cart or Amazon site, and fulfilling orders to your end customer, or to retail locations. With our simple system, you can check your inventory levels and shipped products online anytime.

Your customers will receive email notification when their item is shipped, and when they receive it, you can be sure that all the right steps were taken to deliver them the best you have to offer.

For clients hosting seminars or events, consider partnering with Multi-Media for all of your printing, assembly, warehousing and shipping needs.  We store your collateral materials and props, then pack and ship them, on time, to event and seminar locations. All materials shipped are packed and labeled according to our inventory control system for easy identification and unpacking by event and seminar advance teams. At the conclusion of the event, we handle the return, replenishing and storage of your collateral material, props and unsold products to our warehouse.


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