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Creating Powerful Infographics that Sell Your Business

Posted by on August 19, 2015 in Featured | 0 comments

Source: Shutterstock

Source: Shutterstock

A powerful infographic that can be rolled into your marketing collateral and promos is a great way to market and create interest in your business. To create an attention grabbing infographic, focused data needs to be supported via a good design and it must also tell a shareable story.

  • When creating your infographic, use data that is relevant, make sure the data comes from reputable sources, and credit your sources. Also, double check the facts and only use data that is applicable to the message that you want to portray.
  • To create a clear design, limit the number of colors you use on your infographic and go with a simple graphic. Get your message across with one image and make sure that your numbers and image match up.
  • To create a shareable story, answer a “why” question that will grab your consumers attention via a graphic. Limit the amount of text you use and make sure any text used can be clearly read.

For questions or for more information about creating an infographic for your marketing collateral and promos, contact us at Multi-Media Publishing & Packaging, Inc.

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